Breitling Navitimer 92 A30022 Vintage 39mm Auto

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The story of the first Navitimers is shrouded in mystery and even controversy. Quite simply, no-one knows for certain the full story, or if they do they have not yet spoken. The records held by Breitling SA in Grenchen, Switzerland are incomplete, so to tell the story of the most famous Breitling of all involves detective work and even a certain amount of speculation; the foremost world experts on vintage Breitlings cannot agree on all details.

What is certain is that following the great success of the Chronomat, the world's first slide rule chronograph released in the early 1940's, Breitling made a second slide rule chronograph and released it some time between 1952 (claimed by Breitling) and 1954 (believed by eminent Breitling experts). This watch has the logo of the AOPA - the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association - on the dial, and current thinking is that all the first examples of the watch had this logo. Indeed some researchers think the watch was specifically designed for members of AOPA although others believe Breitling designed the watch and that AOPA then asked for it to show their logo and to be specially made for their members. The true facts are not currently known but may be buried in the records of AOPA, many of Breitling's own early records having been lost.

(Source: Watchuseek)

Size: 39mm
Case: Steel
Movement: Automatic

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