Is Watch Vault NYC Open For Business During the COVID-19 Crisis?

Yes! We prepared early, and our staff is currently working 100% remotely. Our watches are stored in an offsite secure shipping facility, which is considered an "essential service" by the government. We can still fulfill and ship your orders!

What will be changing during this crisis?

To limit exposure to our staff, we will be limiting shipments to Mondays and Thursdays. However, during this crisis we will be upgrading most shipments to 2-day Express (from 5 day Ground) at no extra cost. Therefore delivery times will not be extended, and will probably be sped up in many cases (good for you!)

That said, due to the interconectedness of today's world, many of the services we rely on to run have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 shutdowns. These include:
- Ebay and Paypal no longer have live phone support. Only email support is now available. Therefore Ebay and Paypal issues take longer to resolve
- Our shipping insurance providers have been experiencing intermittent shutdowns. Hopefully this does not affect shipping times
- Fedex and UPS are operating at reduced hours, which may affect ship dates
- Our website host have experienced intermittent slowdowns
- Our contract watchmakers are not considered "essential services" by the government and are shut down on the interim, some repair and servicing may be delayed

What is Watch Vault NYC doing to help the broader community?

Inspired by a speech given by NY Governor Cuomo on 3/27, we have decided to donate 5% of our annual revenues to Meals on Wheels to help feed our vulnerable seniors during this crisis.