This Omega Seamaster Professional Diver 300 M Co-Axial 36.25mm just arrived at our office, and is quite a stunner! Here's what we think about it.

We're great fans of the original Omega "Bond" watch, the Seamaster Professional (SMP) 2531.30 and it's little brother the SMP 2551.80. Both of these watches were modern classics and arguably brought Omega back to the forefront of fine watch buyers as soon as they saw it on Pierce Brosnan's wrist on "Goldeneye"

However upon closer inspection, as beautiful the 2531.80 and the 2551.80 were, and as robust the ETA-based caliber 1120 movement was, they had some shortcomings. Most noticeable was the build quality of the dial, which incredibly had printed indices, and lume that seemed to be applied like toothpaste on top of it if inspected closely under a loupe. The Omega logo was also printed on, and the ETA movement did not follow the "manufacture" trend of in-house movements.

The 2222.80 addresses most of these issues. First off, the movement was upgraded to the in-house 2500 "co-axial" movement fitted inside a chunkier case. And most visibly, the dial is built much better, with applied indices and logos. The new "Bond" watch is beautiful no matter how close you look at it.

Don't fix what ain't broken. The beautiful 9-piece link bracelet is still present, as well as the mesmerizing blue wavy dial, which changes color from blue to almost black depending upon the angle.

On the wrist, the thicker case makes it feel a bit more unbalanced than the classic "Bond", but very much in line with the trend of bigger, thicker watches. The 2251.80 owner will feel right at home after a couple of minutes on the wrist.

We like it. It's a fitting upgrade to a modern classic.

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