A predecessor to one of our favorite watches, the Omega Speedmaster Date 3511.80 lands in our offices, and we give it a short review:

It's an early iteration of the extremely popular blue-dialed Speedy, noted for it's rhodium-plated subdials and indices, and a blue dial that changes color depending upon the quality of the light that hits it. This specific model was originally sold only in Japan starting in 1994, so if you find one in the USA, it came over stateside from the land of the rising sun.

While the Speedmaster Professional and Speedmaster reduced look utiliatrian, this blue-dialed Speedy looks decidedly dressy with the aforementioned blue dial, and the inclusion of a steel-colored bezel. The bracelet is still similar to the Speedy Reduced, and has not yet transitioned to the smaller, dressier bracelet and clasp of it's successors. The movement is the entry-level but accurate Caliber 1155. More info on that here. A stopwatch/timer with, 30-minute, 60-minute, and 12 hour counters are present on the subdials.

We've been spoiled by our fondness for the successor to this watch the 3523.80 but for folks who want a less-busy dial, without the addition of many date complications, this watch has charms of it's own.

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