We've long wanted to get our hands on an Omega Speedmaster Professional "From Moon To Mars" 3577.50 limited numbered edition, and now one just arrived at our offices! Here's what we think about it:

First off, lets get it off our heads that this watch is not meant to commemorate any NASA achievement, as we haven't gone to Mars yet. Lets just consider this watch as a call to action to get humanity there ASAP - much like breast cancer pins.

Now that we got that off our shoulders, lets talk about the watch. The first thing you notice is of course the dial, and it's one of the most colorful dials every to grace a Speedy Pro, with the subdials ingeniously printed with images of the Earth, Moon, and Mars. At wrist length they look fine, but looking closely (like your face right on the crystal) you will see the pixelation from the printing process. Definitely not cool, but that's really the only thing we think could stand improvement about the watch

On the back, the caseback medallion is modified with the inscription "From the Moon to Mars". Here's a picture from the Omega website (we are too lazy to take more pix):

Otherwise, this is pretty much a stock Speedy Pro. Not that it's a bad thing. Most other limited numbered editions are this way, and it seems the proper way to go and still call it a "Moonwatch".

We like it, because the the colorful dial, and the aspirational nature of the watch ("get us to Mars!)

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