Whenever I get asked for a recommendation on "what's a great vintage Omega on a budget?" one of my first recommendations is the Seamaster Cosmic 2000, and its not hard to see why:

- unlike most of the more affordable vintage Omegas, the Cosmic 2000 are bigger watches. This example below is at 37-38mm, which is a normal men's size by modern standards, whereas Constellations, Geneves and Seamasters of the era were still at around 34mm, too small for the most modern wrists
- like the size, the dial design is also thoroughly modern. The 3-dimensional dials are a design detail across the line. 
- unlike Seamasters and Constellations, Cosmic 2000s are a real alternative price-wise to new lower tier watches. 

To sum up, from a design and price perspective, if you're looking to get into vintage but with a budget for say a new lower tier swiss watch, the Omega Seamaster Cosmic 2000 is a watch to put on the short list.

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