Our Terms of Sale in Plain English:

We implement fair rules to keep our buyers happy, encourage good buying behavior, and at the same time keep costs low for everyone. To that effect:

- We happily accept returns for any reason within 5 business days. Watches are sold as-is without any warranties. After the return period we can no longer accept returns

- We cannot accept returns that have been altered or damaged, including watches that have been resized, show signs of wear by the buyer, or returned with missing or incomplete packaging, including tamper seals that show signs of removal. 

- Shipping is non-refundable except in the following cases: you did not receive the watch pictured (as determined by the serial number), you received a watch that was not authentic (disputes to authenticity will be decided by Watchfacts, an independent 3rd party authenticator), you received a watch that arrived DOA or has features that are non-functional.

This explains but does not supercede the terms of sale below:

Terms of Sale

ACCEPTANCE. The Goods are being sold in an "as is" condition. The Buyer is given the opportunity to inspect the Goods or to have it inspected. Buyer will have the option to return the Goods within 5 business days after receipt of the Goods, upon obtaining written approval from Watch Vault NYC (the Seller). If the Buyer does not return the Goods within 5 business days, Buyer irrevocably accepts the Goods as received.

RISK OF LOSS. The risk of loss from any casualty to the Goods, regardless of the cause, will be the responsibility of the Buyer once the goods have been received by the Buyer.

REFUSAL TO ACCEPT. If the Buyer does not, within a reasonable time, take delivery of the Goods, Buyer is liable to the Seller for any loss incurred by neglect or refusal to take delivery, and also for a reasonable charge for the care and custody of the Goods.

WARRANTY. The Seller warrants that (1) the Seller is the legal owner of the Goods; (2) the Goods are free from all liens and encumberances (3) the Goods are Authentic (disputes to authenticity will be decided by Watchfacts, an independent 3rd party authenticator)

Seller expressly disclaims all other warranties, whether expressed or impllied, including but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantiability or fitness for a particular purpose. Further, the Seller disclaims any warranty as to the condition or working order of the Goods. The Seller does not assume, or authorize any other person to assume on behalf of the Seller, any liability in connection with the sale of the Goods. The Seller's above disclaimer of warranties does not, in any way, affect the terms of any applicable warranties from the manufacturer of the Goods.

TAXES. All sales taxes, tariffs, and other governmental charges shall be paid by the Buyer and are the Buyer's Responsibility except as limited by the law.

RETURNS. Buyer will arrange for return of the Goods, the costs of which shall borne by the Buyer. Seller will refund the purchase price within thirty (30) days upon return of the Goods by the Buyer to the Seller, through a method chosen by the Seller. Incurred shipping costs are non-refundable, even if this was provided at no cost to the buyer. Goods that have suffered any loss (including removal of tamper seals) while in the possession of the buyer are non-refundable.

CHARGEBACKS. If Buyer is in arrears due to chargebacks, Seller reserves the right to recover payments or Goods through 3rd party services, including but not limited to debt collection agencies, the cost of which shall be borne by the buyer. Payments in arrears shall accrue from the due date at the lesser of 18% per annum (1 1/2% per month) and the highest rate of interest permitted by law until all amounts payable to Seller are paid in full.

GOVERNING LAW. This Contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of New York. Any disputes brought against the Seller hereunder will be heard in the appropriate federal and state courts located in New York.

FORCE MAJEURE. Seller may, without liability, delay performance or cancel this Contract on account of force majeure events or other circumstances beyond its control, including, but not limited to, strikes, acts of God, political unrest, terrorism, embargo, failure of source of supply, or casualty. 

ENTIRE AGREEMENT. The Terms of Sale constitute the entire agreement between the contracting parties. There are no warranties, representations, covenants or agreements, expressed or implied, between the parties except those expressly set forth in this agreement.

(Revised 12/13/2018. Pls contact us for previous versions of the Terms of Sale, which may have been applicable at the time of your purchase)

When you buy from Watch Vault NYC, you agree to these terms